Debunking Myths about Ketamine

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Ketamine is a largely known drug, which has recently gained an increase in popularity. As we all know, fame comes with rumors and gossip. So today, let’s debunk some of these.

1. Ketamine is Solely a Party Drug – FALSE

Ketamine is known by many as a party drug. Famously known as “Special K” or “Vitamin K”. However, this type of use is illegal. Ketamine is considered a Schedule III drug by the Federal Government and is highly regulated. Utilizing Ketamine under medical supervision is medically accepted and 100% legal.

2. Ketamine is a Horse Tranquilizer

False! Listen, don’t get us wrong… we love horses and animals here at Airmed, however, ketamine being used as a horse tranquilizer is only partially true. Ketamine was developed in 1962 to be used in both humans and animals. Ketamine has been used and is still used in veterinary practices as an anesthetic, the same way it’s been used on people during its evolution. However, the difference is that the doses used on larger animals way beyond exceeds what would be appropriate to be used on humans for mental health treatment. The truth is, ketamine has been safely and widely used in humans for the past 50 years.

3. Ketamine is Addictive

Last but not least, the most common myth we hear here at Airmed. Ketamine is not physically addictive. Ketamine can create a psychological dependence, however this happens when the drug is used recreationally and without the supervision of a medical professional. The harmful effects of ketamine occur when large doses of the drug are consumed in an unsafe environment. In the supervised medical setting, there are no reported cases of addiction. Bottom line is, don’t do drugs in an unsafe environment and stay in school friends.

The reality is ketamine infusions are a breakthrough treatment for depression. As with any other medical breakthrough, rumors and myths are likely to arise. If you still have questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our contact information is available on our website.

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